As Valentines Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, it is only natural that many men (and women) pick this day to ask that all important question. It is reported that in 2013 over 6 million people proposed on Valentines Day. That is A LOT of Valentines Day proposals! Are you going to be getting in on the Valentines proposal action in 2017? Then we have 6 brilliant Valentines proposal ideas for you.

6 Valentines Proposal Ideas

A Romantic Wake Up Call

Is there anything better than waking up to breakfast in bed? Perhaps waking up to breakfast in bed AND a sparkly surprise! Leave your beloved in bed and prepare their favourite breakfast. A nice gentle wake up followed by a romantic feast and the most important question you will ever ask in your life. Simple. Effective. Intimate. And THE best morning of your lives so far.

valentines proposal ideas

Spell it Out

There are so many possibilities with this option. Scrabble tiles, candles, rose petals, written in the sand/snow are just a few ideas. Take inspiration from what your fiance’s interests are and go with it.

valentines proposal ideas

Go with Tradition

Sometimes it is best to go with tradition. Using an old favourite is never a cliche when it comes to marriage proposals. A ring hidden in a glass of champagne or a dessert. A beautiful sunset back drop, a declaration of love in a crowd. All of these and many, many more have been done time and time again and have not disappointed! And don’t forget – if you’re sticking with tradition don’t forget to ask the father of the bride for his blessing first.

valentines proposal ideas

Light the Way

Why not light a trail to your proposal spot using candles or lanterns. Candles are a sure fire way to set the mood and tone for what is about to come. Place your engagement ring in the centre of a heart of glowing and just wait for your fiance to find you. Flowers in hand of course.

valentines proposal ideas

Go on a Treasure Hunt

There is something quite exciting about a treasure hunt. Following romantic clues to places that have a significant meaning to your relationship so far will go down a treat. It shows you have put real thought into the proposal. Link it to Valentines Day by using past years as your inspiration as to where you leave your clues. The final clue will lead your fiance to you, waiting with a ring, ready to ask that all important question.

valentines proposal ideas

Get the kids to help

If you already have children, why not get them in on the action. You can buy cute little sleepsuits like the one below from lots of places these days. Or even get your own printed with a more personal message. If your children are a little older you can get more creative. Get them to paint some pictures or help cook a lovely romantic Valentines Day dinner. The kids will love it, and so will your husband/wife to be.

valentines proposal ideas

Image Source – Not On The High Street

Did your fiance propose on Valentines Day? How did they surprise you? We would love to hear your proposal stories. Let us know through our contact page and they may appear on our Facebook Page!

And if you are proposing this year, Good Luck!

valentines proposal ideas