This week we are back with our Plan With Us feature, where we follow two couples going through the early stages of their wedding planning journey. Today we are back with Laura & Ady. Laura is talking all about photographers, bands and calligraphy. If you have missed any of Laura’s previous pieces you can find them here

photgraphers bands and calligraphy

Photographers, Bands and Calligraphy


This month has been another quiet month – slow and steady wins the race and all that!

We’ve mostly been spending our time focusing on finding the right photographer and videographer. We have also been looking for a band for the wedding reception.


Some of our favourite photographers include Hannah K Photography and Darina Stoda Photography. They both have similar styles of photography – lots of natural shots. What drew me to both of them was the number of ‘action shots’ they take which I think really captures the magic of the day.

I have been in touch with both Hannah and Darina and they are both so lovely. They have offered help and answered any questions we have had. It is important for me to meet with our photographer before booking. I want to make sure we pick the right one for us as a couple. I plan to meet with them both over the next couple of weeks. hopefully by my next update we will have booked one. Yay!

We have also been looking into videographers, what they offer and whether it is value for money. The first videographer I approached was Blueridge Wedding Videography. I heard about them from my venues Facebook page. Their work is short of stunning. Unfortunately they are already booked on our wedding date, however they were so helpful and have pointed us in the direction of other videographers that they highly recommend. We plan to get in contact with those very soon.

Wedding Entertainment

A couple of weeks ago my sister and bridesmaid Bethany came over for dinner and we ended up spending a couple of hours searching for potential wedding bands online. Looking for a wedding band has definitely been my least favourite part of planning our wedding so far! Mainly because they seem to vary so much in price (one band we found cost £13,000 to hire!!! Others down to £500!) I lost count of the amount of band promos we watched, there really were that many! We ended up enquiring with just two!

I would ideally like to watch our wedding band live prior to booking, however one of the bands we’ve enquired with (our favourite of the two) never does any live gigs that members of the public can attend. It makes me nervous to go ahead with booking them having not witnessed what they’re really like. Needless to say the hunt for a wedding band/DJ continues.


photographers, bands and calligraphy

This month I’ve also been trying my hand at learning calligraphy. there are aspects of our wedding that I want to ‘DIY’ not only because it saves money. bit it also gives a really personal touch. i am by no means a calligraphy expert. I am very much a beginner, but I am also really pleased with what I have done so far. I have plans to personalise card crates and make signs for the wedding day. Lots of practice pieces are currently being made!

That’s all for September/October really.

google has been my best friend!

Lots of Love



Countdown until we become Mr & Mrs

1 Year, 10 months & 5 Days

Thank you for your update Laura, it is all getting very exciting! Judging by your first attempts at calligraphy, we reckon your wedding signs are going to look AMAZING! We also say, go with a videographer – you WILL NOT regret it!