Welcome to Plan With Us. The newest feature on Confetti Ave, and one we are so excited to be finally sharing. We are going to be following four couples on their wedding planning journey. Reading all about their high’s and lows. What the most exciting parts of planning are, and what causes a little more stress. We are so excited to get to know these couples more over the coming months!

First up are Laura & Ady with their New York proposal story.

Laura & Ady - A New York Proposal

A New York Proposal – Laura & Ady | Plan With Us


I’m so excited to have somewhere that I will be able to rant and share all of my wedding planning experiences. I am newly engaged and already so excited about what’s to come.

A bit about us

My name is Laura and my fiancé (I still haven’t got used to calling him that) is Ady. We met through work around 9 years ago and have been together for 7 and a half years. We live together and have a cat called Milo

Laura and Ady A New York Proposal

We got engaged in April 2016 in New York.

Believe me when I tell you, I had ABSOLUTELY no idea that Ady would propose. None whatsoever.

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and everything about the holiday was truly amazing.

It was my birthday whilst we were in New York. We spent the day at Central Park and then walked the Brooklyn Bridge before heading back to the hotel to get changed and go out for dinner. For anybody that has been to New York, you are none stop. All. Day. Long! It really is amazing but also so tiring. We got back to the hotel and I was lazily getting ready. Looking back now, I remember thinking Ady was really on top about where we were going for dinner and wanting to find somewhere special.

Long story short, we ended up in a Chinese restaurant just off of Times Square, which whilst lovely, I was since told it wasn’t special enough. We then attempted to go to a roof top bar, which was full. On the way back to the hotel we planned to go to the posh Astoria Bar but as my birthday was on a Sunday, it was closed.

Off to bed we went, me none the wiser. The second my head hit the pillow, I was out cold and left Ady sat with the ring in his jacket.

The Proposal

The following morning was our last full day in New York and I am now embarrassed to say that, that morning I was having a bit of a sense of humour failure. I like to think it was jet lag coupled with exhaustion from our long days. I was sat in bed crying about how Ady hadn’t bought me a birthday card. (I promise you, I’m not the brat I sound!) I was crying full on tears, half crying, half laughing about how ridiculous I was being.

Ady got up. I assumed to get ready, but he came and sat with me and said “I feel really bad about not getting you a card, I know I should have but… I did get you this. Will you marry me?”

There it was, the most perfect ring I have ever seen. Cue more tears plus hysterical laughter in between which I sniffed out a ‘YES!’

The most perfect proposal!

We had spoken about marriage and I always said that if he was to ever ask, I’d rather he did it somewhere private. I would have been happy with a proposal in our kitchen during dinner. What he did was amazing and completely perfect.

A New York proposal

Let the planning commence

As soon as we got back to England I started booking appointments to view some venues. We both knew we wanted a relaxed, personal day that we could share with our nearest and dearest. We’re a really chilled out couple. Things like posh a la carte food makes us feel uncomfortable. We knew we wanted something that could cater for us.

Four appointments later, we booked Shustoke Farm Barns in Warwickshire. We are getting married on Saturday 25th August 2018. I cannot wait!

A New York Proposal. Shustoke Farm Barns

We have an idea of a budget – between £15,000 – £20,000. We both agreed early on that we absolutely do not want to get carried away with money, and if a bargain is to be had, we’d be finding it! But also that if there are things we think we’ll regret not having, to have them. There is nothing worse than that feeling of looking back and wishing you’d just saved a little bit more for something that would have made the day extra special.

We’ve written a rough list of guests and imagine there will be around 70 in the day time with an additional 80 evening guests. So far that is about as far as we’ve got. Apart from my now extensive Pinterest Board.

Top Tip!

Any newly engaged brides out there, get a Pinterest account and set up a board! You can set it to private if you don’t want your followers sneaking details of the day as well.

So that’s us and our wedding so far. I’m really looking forward to keeping Confetti Ave abreast with the latest in the planning process.

Speak to you soon



A new york proposal

A New York Proposal