After meticulously planning every last detail of your wedding day, you want to know it will run smoothly. Sometimes, however, little mishaps do happen. Maybe your 4 inch Louboutin heels are killing your feet, or maybe your adorable little page boy has put a nice chocolate thumb print on your Vera Wang gown. Sometimes things out of our control happen. Being prepared is the best way to stop any little accidents from sending you into a bridezilla meltdown. The last thing you need on the morning of your wedding. Make yourself your very own Emergency Bridal Kit. Today I’m going to show you everything you need!

Make an Emergency Bridal Kit

Emergeny bridal kit

The first thing you will need is some kind of box or basket to keep everything in. This could be a basic Tupperware box, or something a little more fancy. I bought this cute little suitcase from a really cheap shop in town. I then lined it with tissue paper to make it look extra pretty.

emergency bridal kit

Now for the fun part of what to fill it with!

Whilst you are thinking about the items to put in it, try to think of every eventuality.

Dress Mishaps

Your dress is perfectly hung, waiting for you to slip into it. But what happens if there is a slight mark on it, or your tights ladder slightly?

emergency bridal kit

White chalk will temporarily cover any marks. Safety pins can be used for a whole array of different things. Make sure you have a stain remover – just in case. A mini sewing kit will be handy for any little dress mishaps you may have. A lint roller will take away any dust and fluff that has stuck to the bridesmaids dresses or the page boys suits. And of course, the old classic clear nail polish for any tight ladders.

Basic Toiletries

emergency bridal kit

Someone is bound to forget something. And with everything you have to organise, chances are it will be you. Think along the lines of deodorant, cotton buds, tweezers. If you want to add in travel sized shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc. then go ahead.

Little Accidents

emergency bridal kit

You want to be prepared in case of any accidents. A prosecco fuelled headache or mother nature turning up early is always likely. Make sure you have sanitary products, some painkillers and plasters at the ready. If you wanted to you could even add a mini first aid kit.

For the Bride

emergency bridal kit

Make sure you are kept hydrated, feeling fresh and most of all calm. Energy drinks, bottles of water, and some calming tablets or tea will work wonders if you are having a morning of nerves. Oh, and of course TISSUES!!!

Other bits & bobs

emergency bridal kit

There are so many more things you could put in your emergency bridal kit. But here are just a few more.

Nail files, mints, hairbrush, sun cream, phone charger to name just a few.

Some other items you could include are –

A supplier contact list, extra tights (if you are wearing them), facial blotting paper, blister plasters, and shoe insoles.

Come on ladies… get making!

Be sure to keep an eye out on the blog later this week where we will be giving you your very own printable checklist!