We are back with Lee & Rebekka, who are sharing the highs and lows of their wedding planning journey. Rebekka is one of the most organised brides I think I have ever come across! She has so many things already arranged! If you want to read her story from the beginning you can do so here. This month Rebekka is talking all about the details, edible feathers (OMG!) and her brand new sparkly engagement ring.

edible feathers and an engagement ring

Edible Feathers and An Engagement Ring – Lee & Rebekka | Plan With Us

Since my last piece I have reverted back to that all important question. Chocolate or Canape’s? I made a decision last month that as the chocolate fondue option came in at the same price as Canape’s I was going to go with that. BUT, now I am tempted to stick with my original decision as I think Canape’s are the better option.

Aside from that we have now paid our deposits for the room decorations and flowers. My maid of honour also tagged me in a photo of a bouquet she found on Facebook. It matches our colour scheme perfectly. I can visualize our big day already. I am SO excited. We have also paid the deposit for our firework display, string quartet and pianist. It is all coming together beautifully.

As I have mentioned previously, I LOVE Alice In Wonderland. Before our invitation disaster the plan was to incorporate the Alice In Wonderland theme into our save the dates and invites. It now looks like neither will have any hint of our theme so I have had a think about other ways to include it.

Including our Alice In Wonderland Theme

We will have a ‘props’ table which will have one of those guest book frames where guests can write their message on a wooden heart and place it into the frame. I will use the rest of the table to display some Alice in Wonderland themed props. We will have a top hat (The Mad Hatter). A small vase with cream roses with the petals painted red and a paint brush with a red painted tip (when they paint the roses red). A handheld vintage mirror and a pocket watch.

The table’s will be named after relevant events/characters from the film, such as ‘The Cheshire Cat’ and ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’. I plan to buy some small plastic domes which will hold a Macaron with a tag saying ‘Eat Me’. When the desserts are served so will a tiny milk bottle filled with strawberry milkshake, a straw and a tag that says ‘Drink Me’.

edible feathers and mini milk bottles

Image Source – Party Delights

Extra Details

I have also found edible feathers on Etsy, how amazing?! My plan is to buy these and have them placed upon the plate in front of our guests for them to eat. I think this will be a great talking point too. I have found ornate tiny mirrors that I was considering buying as people’s place cards. i would buy marble effect card and self-teach myself modern calligraphy. If it goes well I would create any signs for the day (such as the order of service, ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ etc) myself along with table names and maybe even the table plan.

We ordered some invite samples from Pure Invitation and some Save The Dates from Silk Beau. It is highly likely we will use these two companies for our wedding stationary as we were so impressed with the samples. They both offer great quality and design.

edible feathers and stationary

An Engagement Ring

I received a very special sparkly present from Lee at Christmas. My Engagement ring! I absolutely adore it.It is from The Diamond Store in London. The ring is beautiful and I cannot stop looking at it twinkle. The packaging it came in is also stunning. To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement.

engagement ring and edible feathers

Slimming Down for the Gown

Slimming down for the gown is going well. I have now dropped a stone so far since joining. I have a way to go yet but I’m feeling much better and cannot wait to start dress shopping. I’m going to stat once I have reached my target as I don’t feel I would enjoy dress shopping knowing that (hopefully) I will be around 4 stone lighter for the big day.

That’s about it for this months update. It is all getting so exciting now.

Rebekka x