Whenever someone asks me the best way to save money on their wedding planning journey, my first answer is always… DIY! Doing things yourself can save you an absolute fortune, but I also appreciate not every couple are creative. For some people creativity just flows and they can create beautiful finished products that look completely professional. For other couples, they have never held a glue gun or double sided sticky tape in their lives! I am going to be sharing some tips to help even the least creative couples out there save money, allowing you to have all those extra little details you only wished were in budget! Today we are talking A DIY Photo Booth!

How to… | A DIY Photo Booth

Photo Booth’s are all the rage these days. With the increase in documenting all parts of your life through photography. Selfies, Snapchat and Instagram. Photographing your experiences is bigger and better than ever.

Whether you want your photo booth to be a hugely glamourous, over the top affair or just seeing your guests have fun with a few quirky captions and some fun props. It is sure to be a hit with your slightly intoxicated guests!

DIY Photo Booth

So where do you start?

First off you need a camera!

You have a few options. Buy a polaroid camera, use a camera and tripod you (or one of your amazing friends and family) already have, or even go with a simple phone and selfie stick. Photo Booth apps now exist so you could simply use your iPad!

DIY Photo Booth

Image Source – From Left to Right – | Camera | iPad | Camera & Tripod |

Next you need a back drop!

This could be a blank white space, or a wall adorned in flowers, ribbon or even just a cardboard framed beautiful view.

DIY photo booth backdrop

Image Source – From top left – | Bright Ribbons (Unknown) | Wooden Frame | Flowers & Fake Grass | Pretty Ribbons & Roses |

Now for some props!

A moustache on a stick, a couple a cute signs, a feather boa, a captains hat!? Let your imagination go wild. If you are set on your whole wedding theme flowing keep your props matching, if not? Have fun! You can pick up props everywhere these days. If you are feeling a little creative then why not make your own?!

DIY photo booth props

Image Source – From top left – | Black & Gold | Chalkboard | Pretty Floral | Moustache |

Do your guests need some direction?

After a few glasses of bubbles, even your most technologically minded friend may need some pointers. Keep the instructions simple, to the point and fitting with your theme or colour scheme. If your images are instant, make it clear what you want them to do with the image by using gorgeous signage.

DIY photo booth signage

Images Source – | Left | Right |

Make sure you get some couple shots

If you are having a DIY Photo Booth (or any photo booth for that matter!), do not miss out on the action! Get involved! Have fun with your guests and make some lasting memories way past the photographers finishing time.

DIY Photo Booth couple shots

Image Source – | Thanks Image | Pink Backdrop | Bright Ribbon |

Photo Booths are such a fun part of a wedding, don’t let a limited budget stop you!

Are you planning you creating your own photo booth? We’d love to hear about it!

Featured Image Source: Aisle Planner