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Rustic Barn Wedding | Mood Board

A rustic barn wedding theme has got to be one of the most popular wedding themes in recent years, and it isn’t going anywhere just yet. The beauty of a rustic barn wedding is how much you can DIY. Doing lots of your décor yourself, not only saves you a lot of money. It also […]

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Black Tie Wedding | Mood Board

black tie wedding featured

Are you looking for a completely glamourous and formal wedding? If so a black tie wedding theme is perfect for you. The ultimate in glam, sophistication and pure beauty, a black tie wedding theme is perfect for those couples look for a day that wow’s. Think champagne, glitter, timeless and you’re on the right track. Our […]

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Classic Red | Mood Board

classic red mood board feat

Over the years, weddings have become a lot more varied. We choose striking colour combinations, creative themes and work hard on the details to make sure our weddings stand out. But sometimes sticking to the classics work just as well. Classic Red | Mood Board Image Sources – | Lantern Decorations – Emmerline Bride | […]

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Jewel Toned Wedding | Mood Board

jewel toned wedding mood board

One of the hottest trends of 2016 has got to be a jewel toned wedding colour scheme. If you’re looking for a colour scheme that adds glamour, depth and drama to your big day, this is the colour scheme for you. Think deep, dark, luxurious colours such as emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. […]

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White on White Wedding | Moodboard

White on White Wedding Mood Board

When you are planning your wedding, one of the first decisions to make is the colour scheme or theme you want to go for. But who said you need a colour at all? A white on white wedding is not only glamourous, it is incredibly elegant too! White on White | Mood Board Image Sources […]

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Festival Wedding | Mood Board

festival wedding mood board

Who doesn’t love a good festival? A whole weekend of music, fun and frolics. The festival vibe is one we love here at Confetti Ave HQ. Chilling out in the sunshine with a nice cold beverage, soaking up the diversity around you and the shared love of music. Just amazing! So why not create that […]

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