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Emerald Green Wedding | Mood Board

emerald green wedding mood board

A couple of weeks ago we shared a jewel tones wedding mood board with you, and it would seem you all loved it! But sometimes couples are put off by having too many colours. They worry it wont flow as well, or will look too ‘mis-matched’. Well if you loved our jewel toned mood board […]

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Vintage Tea Party Wedding | Mood Board

vintage tea party wedding

Sometimes when you’re coming up with different colour schemes and themes for your wedding, you may decide to be a little more specific with your ideas. For example you may want an exotic beach theme rather than just a ‘beach theme’. Or you may be after a Cadbury Purple colour scheme, rather than just a Purple colour […]

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A Rose Gold Wedding | Mood Board

Rose Gold, oh how people have gone mad for it in the last year or so. Michael Kors watch anyone? We have seen a huge spike in the popularity of this gorgeous colour and it is easy to see why. Jewellery, home interiors, clothing, shoes, make up, the lot. All have started bringing rose gold into […]


1920s Inspired Wedding | Mood Board

1920s inspired wedding featured

Are you after a wedding theme that oozes glamour, honours historic trends, and just looks blooming beautiful? The maybe a 1920s inspired wedding is perfect for you. The 1920s were a period when Art Deco was booming, flapper girls were entertaining every bar in the city and all men wore suits. Think Bugsy Malone and […]

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A Coral Colour Scheme | Mood Board

a coral colour scheme

When I was planning my wedding 7 years ago, even though I was planning a beautiful beach theme, if you’d have asked me whether coral would feature, I would have said no.  It was too close to peach for me, and that particular colour, at that time, felt dated. I wanted modern and gorgeous.  A […]

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Tiffany Blue Wedding | Mood Board

tiffany blue wedding

Are you looking for a wedding that is simplistic, classic, beautiful, but yet has ultimate wow factor. Then maybe a Tiffany Blue wedding is a perfect colour scheme for you. In case you didn’t know, – Tiffany and Co, are a very famous and lust worthy, luxury jewellery and speciality retailer, whose HQ is in the heart […]

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Wood and Lace Wedding Mood Board

wood and lace wedding

The rustic theme is huge at the moment. We have already shared out Rustic themed mood board. If you want a little bit of a rustic feel, but you want a theme a little more specific. Have you considered a wood and lace wedding theme. This theme is literally stunning. The lace perfectly softens the industrial feel the wood […]

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1950s Wedding Theme | Mood Board

1950s wedding moodboard

Are you looking for a wedding theme that is quirky, bright, and a whole lot of fun? Why not consider a 1950s wedding theme? Think red & black, classic cars, juke boxes and records. Or you could go for pale yellows, bubble gum pinks, or Cadillac blue. Gather your inspiration from films, books and of course […]

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Powder Blue Wedding | Mood Board

powder blue wedding mood board

I love putting dramatic colour combinations together, but every now and again a simple and more classic colour scheme wets my appetite. Pastel colours have always been popular in wedding colour schemes. And it is easy to see why. If you are looking for a gorgeous, pastel but modern colour scheme then a powder blue […]

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British Seaside Wedding | Mood Board

British seaside wedding feat

Who doesn’t love to be beside the seaside? A British Seaside Wedding theme is such a fun theme to have. If you want striking bright colours, a relaxed atmosphere and your guests to have a blast. This theme is one to consider. Think beach huts, bunting, and fish & chips. A Seaside wedding is for those […]

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Blush and Copper Wedding | Mood Board

blush and copper wedding feat

Copper. A colour that has gone crazy over the past year or so. You now see it in home interiors, in fashion and beauty, and pretty much every other area of our lives. So it is no surprise it is making a huge impact in the wedding world. Copper goes with several colours but one of […]

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Beautiful Bright Wedding | Mood Board

Beautiful Bright Wedding featured

There is something about a beautiful bright wedding that we just love! When you think about pretty weddings, the first thing that generally comes to mind is a pretty pastel colour scheme, dreamy photographs and a hugely romantic atmosphere. Pretty doesn’t have to be soft and romantic though. Pretty can also be bright, bold and […]


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