When you are planning the theme and colour scheme for your wedding, you can take so much inspiration from the seasons. Each season has a different appearance. A different feeling that creates a different emotion. And most importantly a different colour palette. Many people choose to get married in the summer, not only for the hope of nice weather. But also for the options of bright and pretty colour schemes and I don’t blame them. But why not consider another season. Winter weddings create a magical and majestic wedding. But what about an Autumn inspired wedding?

Orange. Plum. Red. Brown. Dusky hues of your favourite colours. All of these can create the most gorgeous back drop for any autumn wedding. Add in the cosiness to snuggling under warm blankets over a low burnt orange sunset, or the beauty of failing leaves and romance just starts to come alive.

An Autumn Inspired Wedding | Mood Board

an autumn inspired wedding mood board

Image Source – | Couple Shot – Vlad Gheman | Pumpkin Walkway – vponsale Wedding | Bonfire Set Up – Wedding Dates | Dessert Table – Cute DIY Projects | Invitations – Lemon Leaf Prints | Groomsmen – Project Wedding | Wedding Cake – Unknown | Bouquet – Bridal Musings | Wedding Decor – ARJ Photo | Hair Piece – The Honeycomb – Etsy | Blankets – I Take You |

If I could do it all over again I really think an autumn wedding would be just the look I was after. It is gorgeous isn’t it?! If you would like more inspiration for this theme and many others why not follow us on Pinterest?

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