Welcome back to our ‘Plan With Us’ feature. Where we will be following the wedding planning process of 4 couples. Today we are welcoming Rebekka & Lee who are getting married in August 2018. After a whirlwind start to their romance, car loving Lee finally popped the question. A drunken proposal but sweet all the same! Let’s meet Rebekka and see how this lovely couple have got to where they are today.

A drunken proposal

A Drunken Proposal & A Where to Marry Decision | Plan With Us

Once Upon A Time, almost 10 years ago I walked past my future husband without realising. We will be celebrating 5 wonderful years together next month and we will be tying the knot on the 25th August 2018.

My name is Rebekka and I am 27 years old. My fiancé’s name is Lee and he is 34 years old. We bought our first home together last November, but have lived together from 2 weeks after our first date. Lee used to message me on Facebook quite a lot, asking me out for a date but at that time I was happy enjoying some ‘me’ time following a bitter breakup and wasn’t looking for a relationship. Eventually, I gave in and I’m so glad I did. Lee was everything I was looking for and more and our relationship grew from that first date.

Cars & First Dates

Lee loves his cars. I can remember being sat en route to Lincoln with the sound of his exhaust in the background accompanying our first journey together thinking to myself what will my mum think of his car, (it was a bit ‘boy racerish’). I must admit I’ve never been into cars and was a little worried on how we’d find common ground but we soon did and hit it off straight away.

We enjoyed our first meal at Damon’s which is a venue around an hour’s drive from where we lived and I had previously never been there before. It was a venue quite far out for a local meal and most people who I knew would tend to go there for a special occasion such as a big birthday so this was a real treat in my eyes. He paid for the meal and dropped me off at my friends afterwards where I instantly started to question myself. I really enjoyed my evening with Lee and considered the opportunity to go on another date. I experienced the ‘butterfly feeling’ for the first time and a longing need to see him again.

A Whirlwind Start

Two weeks after our first date, aged 22, I moved in with him. Up until then I had only lived at home with my parents and I was so excited. I packed up my Vauxhall Corsa and 4 runs later I was all moved in.

At the time I worked in a local travel agents but in the October of the following year I was made redundant. I started a new career specialising in selling cruise holidays from home for a website based company. This was a new challenge! I was nervous if and how it would work, but with Lee’s support I’m still working for the same firm and celebrating my 4 year work anniversary this November.

A drunken proposal

When Opposites Attract

Lee loves his cars, the louder the better! He spends most of his time polishing his black beauty. He really enjoys supercar track days and is a very relaxed person. He’s a great cook, doesn’t mind cleaning and is a delight to live with. I live for my holidays, especially cruises, we went on our first holiday together to Egypt 2 months after living with one another and have since been on many more. I’m not a great cook and I’m a very emotional person with a vibrant personality. We’re pretty dissimilar but I guess that probably why we work.

Lee works locally preparing the cars that come off the ferries ready for any dints, scratches etc to be sorted prior to going onto car sales forecourts. We both work long hours and my alternative shifts when they fall on the wrong weeks mean that we are like passing ships in the night. Although I work from home I don’t choose my hours so when we do get time together we cherish it and make the most of it.

A Drunken Proposal

We have 2 beautiful Staffordshire bull terriers and they are our absolute world. Lee already had Tyson (the white one) who he rescued. He surprised me with Lola (the black one) on Valentine’s day 3 years ago. Tyson did put me off going around at first as it was my first experience of a staffie. They are such people dogs, he wouldn’t leave me alone when I went round but eventually I learned to love him and his crazy personality.

A Drunken Proposal

It was on the 23rd December last year that Lee proposed.

He had his friend round and they were very merry shall we say. Lee was so desperate to give me a ‘Christmas present’. I tried putting him off explaining that it wasn’t Christmas yet and I’d rather wait. He wouldn’t accept this and knelt down in front of me, telling me how much he loved me and that he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. He got a little teary eyed and passed me my present. It was a Links of London necklace and I adore it!

A little perplexed his friend and I asked him if this was a proposal to which he said yes! I then filmed him proposing. Not the most romantic as it was fuelled by alcohol, however, we are both in agreement that before the wedding I will get my ‘proposal’ and ring too.

A Drunken Proposal

Where to marry?

The original idea was that we were going to get married in Mauritius in 2018, when my father and step mum go back out there to renew their vows. I was their bridesmaid when they got married in Mauritius. I then started to get a little overwhelmed when I started researching ‘wedding stuff’ and watching everything I could find on TV to do with weddings. Questioning the decision to get married abroad in respect of absent family members who wouldn’t be there to witness our special day due to health reasons, the 13 hour flight and of course the cost of getting out there. After a lot of conversations and thinking time the decision was made that we would be married here in the UK.



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